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A sinkhole forms when the carbonate rocks underneath the surface erode, usually over time.  They can form suddenly and they are found worldwide.  They can be small or open up to 2,000 ft across and deep.  Sinkholes form in nearly every state in the US and in many locations worldwide.

Due to the number of sinkholes in the news recently, we are including a few resources for tips and understanding purposes.  If in doubt, get an evaluation completed.

If you are selling property, be sure to disclose known sinkholes near your home.  If you are buying a home, you have the right to get a sinkhole inspection.

Sinkhole Information Links:

St John's Water Management Info on Sinkholes

We are not experts in sinkholes or their formation.  These links are not gauranteed but deemed to provide accurate information.  Please verify all information independently.
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